Dancing to the tune of a healthy lifestyle


I’m now dancing to the tune of a healthy lifestyle


Alison Berry, from Tyne & Wear joined Slimming World after a life threatening illness questioned her health. The 57-year-old lost a fantastic 11st 5½lbs* and is now living life to the full.

“Growing up, I was the biggest out of my friends. While they all swapped clothes, I could only swap handbags. I got married at 19 and I put on more weight with each of my three pregnancies. Over the years I tried every fad diet under the sun – nothing worked long-term because I was always hungry. I hid my sadness behind a fake smile and jolly exterior, but deep down I was extremely depressed.

“In 2014 I was rushed to hospital with a life threatening illness. I spent the next 6 months sitting around the house and eating lots of junk food. It was during this time that I realised that I was eating myself into an early grave. I had an 8-month-old grandson and I wanted to see him grow up.

“Reading a copy of Slimming World magazine inspired me to join my local group. It was the only weight loss plan I hadn’t tried and I thought that I might as well give it a go.

I’m so glad I did because I received the biggest welcome from my Consultant and fellow members. Everyone was lovely – so caring and understanding.

“Food Optimising meant that I didn’t have to make massive changes to the way I already cooked. I simply make better choices and create lots of tasty meals from scratch. Plus, I can adapt my favourite recipes to make them Slimming World friendly. My sweet and sour chicken is legendary!

“If you snapped me in half I’d say Slimming World all the way through. I love going to group and really value the weekly help, support, ideas, friendship and encouragement. I’m on the social team and get so much from helping and inspiring others, especially all the new members.

“These days I love clothes shopping and can wear clothes because I like them, not just because they fit. I’m a much more active person – I love walking, cycling, swimming and, most of all, dancing. Nothing beats putting on a CD and boogieing all over the house with my grandson. The sound of his giggles as I do a silly dance makes me smile from ear to ear.

“My ambition is to live life to the full with my family and carry on being an active nanna. I love my slimmer, fitter, happier way of living and there’s no way I’ll ever go back to how I was before.”

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