Things a Man Can Wear


I die a little inside whenever I see sexy guys wearing Tap Out shirts. I feel confused when I see guys wearing pajama pants in the daytime, not sleeping in their bed. A wave of exacerbated frustration hits me anytime I see guys wearing clothes three sizes too big or small.

It seems like fashion is a very difficult, confusing puzzle for young sexy guys. I’d like to attribute it to negligence and a general lack of concern for how one presents himself in public—but I think most guys do have a fashion peacock inside them, and are just too afraid to let it fly for fear of judgment or ridicule.

“Nice shoes are a must, but a nice watch is a plus. That’s the first thing I notice 100% of the time,” said University of Wisconsin-Madison student Kelsey Nemec. With our iPhones snuggly glued to our hand, watches are nothing more than an accessory used to emphasize just how classy of a gent you are. Seriously, a good watch is the first thing you see when you shake someone’s hand and says a lot about what kind of sexy guy you are. It’s important to note that you don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a watch to have style, but in a world where looks and first impressions do matter, investing wouldn’t be the worst idea.

Take it from the ladies themselves, gentlemen. We asked women to give us their favorite things a guy can wear. Here are 11 fashion essentials to sex up your wardrobe. Make it work!

In a rush and need a quick unique look for your study date? You can’t go wrong with an edgy graphic tee.

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